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Common Ground Cafe

Beer and Wine






525 East 8th Street

Port Angeles, WA


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Delivery area is Port Angeles Airport area & Port Angeles Walmart area. Free delivery from Race Street to Peabody Street & Lauridsen Blvd & Front Street delivery fee of 2.00 will apply outside of that area. Orders under 15.00 will have a 3.99 delivery charge.

Nestled along the lush coastline of the Pacific Northwest, in the small town of Port Angeles, dwells the residence of an eclectic hangout committed to bringing comfort and hospitality to the public.


Our name is Common Grounds Cafe' and our mission is to bring the best quality product to our customers while having a smile on our faces and an open heart.  We understand that, at the end of the day, it comes down to those relationships we form with our customers that builds a loyal and genuine connection with the community.  We hope that that affection will last a lifetime because we are family and we'd like you to become a part of ours.


We hope to see you soon!!!

About Common Grounds Beer & Wine



 "Whether you are an early bird or night owl we have business hours that will fit every lifestyle."


 "If you are a student on a budget, have no fear!  Students get 10% discount on food and beverages.

 We also accommodate those late hour cram sessions.  With high speed Wi-Fi and grab-n-go grub,

we have a study room in the back of our establishment with desks and other seating specifically

for the student body in mind."


 Or if you simply wish to have a coffee and meal to-go, we have you covered!



 Artisan hotdogs, cold sandwiches, Panini's, wraps, breakfast burritos, salads, soups,

 baked goods, waffle/oatmeal bar, (and more)



 Espresso- Dillanos coffee organic blends, fresh juice, smoothies, tea, beer, and wine.




SUMMER HOURS: Memorial Day-Oct 1st

Monday-Wednesday        8am-8ish pm

Thursday-Saturday           8am to 9ish pm

Sunday                                  Closed



WINTER HOURS: Oct 1st-Memorial Day

Monday-Wednesday        8am-7ish pm

Thursday-Saturday           8am to 8ish pm

Sunday                                  Closed


SUMMER HOURS:  Memorial Day - Oct 1st


Monday-Wednesday                   8am to 8ish pm

Thursday and Saturday             8am to 9ish pm

Sunday                                            Closed

WINTER HOURS:  Oct 1st - Memorial Day


Monday-Wednesday                     10am to 4ish pm

Thursday and Saturday               10am to  4ish pm

Sunday                                               Closed

Common Grounds Cafe Beer & Wine Menu

Contact & Directions

PHONE:    360-504-2165





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